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SFFLA as a dynamic organization representing members of an ever changing industry that is continually impacted by changing trends, demands and technological innovations, needs to constantly adapt, transform and innovate to ensure that it remains relevant both to its members and to the logistics industry.

To ensure that SFFLA remains relevant, the Association is implementing and also in the midst of considering several strategic decisions, measures and initiatives to lead the industry.

Role In Government Policy
There is a greater thrust for both SFFLA and FMFF to be present at all Government Fora and consultative bodies and meetings to ensure that the interests of the logistics industry are articulated and represented at dialogues and pre-dialogue meetings initiated by importance ministries such as MOF, MITI and MOT, SME Corporation, and Customs Liaison Meetings.

Our participation in such Government Fora/ Committees would provide SFFLA/FMFF the opportunity to only to inform them of our interests but also to influence such decisions that may impactmthe logistics industry. SFFLA through FMFF would endeavour to offer positive contributions to policy making decisions that may be deliberated at such gatherings.

Enhancing the professional capacity of the logistics industry.
SFFLA has implemented a sustainable professional capacity development programme for its members; the main objectives of which are:
  • To develop a large pool of skilled and professional labour force in the logistics industry
  • To provide right training, upgrading and developing right skills in a changing environment
  • To train the right employees with the right skills for the right jobs
  • To offer alternative profesional learning for career development and learning pathways
Towards this, a multi-level, professional capacity development programme has been implemented:
  • Foundation Course in Freight Forwarding in MTO
  • Certificate Courses in various aspects of Freight fowarding in MTO
  • Diploma in Freight Forwarding in MTO
  • Degree Level Course[ in collaboration with Local University
To date more than 200 participants have attended 8 Foundation Courses, while an MOA would be digned soon with UTAR to deevlop a diploma course in logistics. SFFLA is also working with other tertiary insitutions such as Unisel, on the diploma and degree programme.

Registry of Accredited Members
SFFLA initiated the proposal which has been adopted in principle for implementation by FMFF to establish a registry of Accrdited members in the various core activities of the logistics industry. SFFLA is also committed to support the Government Policy for Port Klang to be the National load Centre and Transshipment hub and the promotion of PKFZ as the Mega Transshipment and Distribution Hub. SFFLA would actively promote PKFZ to its members and also to the relevant Trade bodies, both locally and overseas.

As an Association based at Port Klang, there is no doubt that the objectives of both PKA and SFFLA cannot diverge. We have common interests both in short and long terms; other players may have the option to follow the market wheresoever but our members will remain at Port Klang. It is to our interests that fair practices and competitiveness remain the attraction of this port. SFFLA would continue to monitor changing trends and developments that may impact its members and the logistics industry and will respond positively and quickly to ensure that the best interests of our members are protected and promoted; both in short and long terms.


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